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The @jfGi Twitter Bot > idea

In 2007 there were only a few of us on Twitter but the volume of tweets and immense growth in new user registrations was stressing the bird out. It was a tweet like this One from Uno de Waal that sparked the @jfGi twitter bot idea.

As more and more people started using twitter, back then twitter was just a chat contact in Google Talk, I noticed more and more of the people I followed asking questions that could be answered by just freaking Googling it. The fewer unnecessary tweets would cause us to see the fail whale less.

Twitter is stressing out a bit

They should JFGI. First saw JFGI used on an Open Source Software mailing list in July 2006.

On Mon, 2006-07-03 at 15:35 +0200, ##### ####### wrote:

> Just FYI, there is Windoze XP Professional x64. This email was composed
> in Thunderbird on the above.

Sorry, my mistake. I’m obviously out of touch with developments at
Redmond ๐Ÿ˜›
I’llย JFGIย next time.

Registered the @jfGi Twitter Account in July 2008


This conversation with a few developers then happened via email & Twitter DM

Idea 4 twitter bot… Inspired by silly questions, twitter and just
freaking google it. A twitter bot @jfgi takes tweets received @||D jfgi
<search phrase> <twitterusernane> returns a tweet @<twitterusername>
link to google serp+<search phrase> from <@user who sent the tweet to
@jfgi>. This could be a funny lil bot used by many, if it doesn’t exist
already. Make sense? What do u think?

@takinbo replied:

Understood! A mashup of google search, twitter and a url shortening service. Can I have a sample of the jfgi status update?

To which I quickly hit back.

@takinbo hello wwwworld from @rafiq
would be the bots tweet if i sent @jfgi hello wwworld @takinbo to the
bot from twitter. The google url needs to be shortened of course.

rafiq phillips september 2008
WordCamp Cape Town around September 2008 – Photo by Jacques Marneweck

A quarter of a year later the @jfGi twitter bot idea was now a reality and a few tweeple tested it but this was nearly 10 years ago.

2018: The evolution and rebirth of @jfGi nearly a decade later

What is @jfGi going to be by the time the twitter account is 10 years old? We already know

Let me Google that for youย ๐Ÿ˜‰ (this domain was registered on 2008-11-19).

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