Cape Town Mozcation – SEO gets a ‘nudge’ in the right direction > Semantica

mozcation cape townThose Mozzers sure know how to entertain – it would seem no expense was spared at Cape Town’s very own Mozcation Meet-up recently held at Ratanga Junction. The team from SEOmoz played the perfect host, as guests were treated to welcoming drinks, canapés and a load of awesome SEOmoz freebies – but the best was still to come.

After rubbing shoulders with SEOmoz CEO Rand Fishkin, we were all herded into the venue’s seminar hall to receive the wonderful news that SEO is not in fact dead – Semantica always knew that of course. But when you hear it said by Rand Fishkin, who’s really the Mark Shuttleworth of SEO, and considering he’s got the low-down on what’s happening over in the US, then it’s sure to be great tidings for us here at the tip of Africa

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